Industrial sector

Leaking gaskets can have major consequences for industrial machinery, plant equipment and facilities. We understand how important it is to quickly find and replace the right gasket. We therefore supply and extensive range of gasket material directly from our own stock.

Our high-quality products find application in various sectors of industry, including the sealing of engines and transmissions of machinery, the insulation of noise and heat sources, and in the fixing and mounting of various components. We offer custom-made gaskets designed specifically for the needs of the industrial sector, such as gaskets for pipelines, seals for pumps and valves, and filter foams for air intake systems.

Our high-quality products are reliable, durable and can be used for both large and small companies in the industry. At, we guarantee high-quality products and excellent service. We are happy to help you find the right materials for your specific applications in industry. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our product range or for personal advice.

• Gasket paper
• Compressed reinforced/reinforced gaskets
• NBR rubber-cork gaskets
• Stuffing box gaskets and liquid gasket
• Threadlockers
• Insulation materials, such as thermal insulation and sound insulation
• Teflon pure (PTFE) and Teflon expanded (PTFE)
• Plastics, such as thermoplastics, foams and PU filter foams
• Metal fasteners, such as copper washers and hose clamps
• Lubrication and maintenance products
• Measuring equipment, such as pressure and temperature gauges
• Tools, such as hammers, sealant sprayers, clamps, knives and scissors, and various types of spanners.

It is crucial to stress that every problem is unique and therefore requires a tailor-made solution. If you have any questions about our range or if you are not sure which material is suitable for your application, feel free to contact us. Our expert team is always ready to help you find the best solution to meet your specific needs.