Customized gasket

We are specialized in seals and gaskets. Seals or gaskets are products used to fill a space to prevent the out or in of liquids or gases.

To do this, the gasket must consist of a type of material which deforms more easily than the parts that have to be sealed, so that it gives the desired seal when clamped. Depending on the application, the gasket is made of different materials such as rubber plate, cellular rubber, plate gasket, compessed gasket or graphite plate with a stainless steel layer.

We have a wide range of gasket materials. we are able to cut gaskets on request. As a result, all shapes and sizes of gaskets and seals are available. Every shape and size of your seal drawing or model is effortlessly copied at breakneck speed.

Do you have questions about our options regarding gaskets and seals?

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